Adult dating in the air

Don’t you just love the satisfaction that adult dating can bring any man? I know I love the feeling of dating when both of us have the idea of sex in the back of our minds. Not only can we enjoy each other’s company and adventures together, but we can explore each other’s passions and unlock the kinky mysteries that hide within us all. I am an avid flyer and love commanding my aircraft as it split through the skies. One of my deepest secrets that I would like to fill is having sex while flying an airplane. Can you imagine the rush of commanding an aircraft over 10,000 feet about the planet while some little vixen sucks your cock to completion?

The time is at hand to enjoy such lustful pleasures. The only way I could pull this stunt off was by joining a flying club. Luckily they sport an open bar which I will put to good use. As I walk into the bar I notice a lot of decent looking gals hanging around but it seems as if all of them are already satisfying a man. To my surprise the prettiest bitch in that bar was the bar tender. Oh she was a woman of medium height but an ass that any man would like to fuck. As I sit their sipping on my aged scotch I notice the bar is about to close for the night. Here is my chance to spend some “quality” time with this young lady.

I look up towards her and ask her if she would like to have the time of her life? Her reply seemed as if she was over curious as to what I had in mind. Luckily for me owning a bi-wing airplane sure does have its benefits and I offered to take her up into the night’s sky. Her eyes lit up with passion as I grabbed her soft hand and we walked to the plane in hast. I knew once I had her ass in the air she would be at my command just like my airplane was. So we take off in excitement I look over at her and back down to my pants. She was a bit shocked but not it an unpleasant way. After all she’s most likely a gold digger and does not mind sucking a couple of cocks for a new sugar daddy.

As we eclipse to 10,000 feet she unzips my pants to reveal a throbbing hard dick. I could feel her wet tongue licking the circumference of my cock and it made me feel like I was flying on cloud 9. I deep throat her desperate ass and she gags on my dick. Now it is time to ram my rod in her pussy. She climbs up and drops her pussy down on my Cock. A tight and wet pussy grips my dick, massaging it, and fulfilling my dreams of having a real adult dating experience 10,000 feet above the Earth. After I cum into her snatch I land that plane back down on the ground and have her licking my cock clean. Adult dating is an amazing way to experience what you have only seen in your dreams.

Contest #71: New Weather Condition Name Vote 


Well, there were plenty of potential name suggestions for our new weather effect’s name, so let’s go and vote on that.

As a reminder, it boosts the power of Dark and Ghost attacks, and weakens Fairy type attacks.

The names:

  1. Moonlit
  2. Moonlight
  3. Dark Night
  4. Midnight
  5. Silent Night
  6. Harvest Moon
  7. New Moon


You can have some rain over there too.
I won’t keep it all to myself.


Cambridge is a town of hard hearts and merciless scholarship. But on a fine summer’s day, you could forgive it almost anything.

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